Rocking K Creations

Rocking K Creations

Hand Made in Buffalo, WY

Thank you for visiting Rocking K Creations! This site is to showcase the work of me, Keith Hahn. Many of the pictures and descriptions are to serve as examples of what I have done and inspire you for our new project. Some items are so popular that I have them listed with the price, please contact me at 307-760-7738 or email at to purchase these items.

 I am  a Wyoming Native, and life long artist. I enjoy bringing peoples ideas to life, and learning new techniques in the process! My studio is fully equipped for traditional and modern wood and metal working, and of course, my favorite, the finish work! I was recently Honored with the title "Dremel Master Maker", and am currently one of five people selected to be a Dremel Maker in Residence! Dremel is kind enought to send me a their newest tools, and have me demonstate some of my projects with them. I am always learning new techniques and design ideas, so feel free to stop by and check out our new designs on our Facebook Page

Thank you for the visit, hope to hear from you soon  to discuss your next project!